It's like having Einstein applying his genius to dish up the perfect kebab for you.
Or Edison working round the clock and having fun experimenting with a hundred spices and their million combinations so that you can have a lunch to remember.
It's fun, it's obsessed with delivering absolutely delightful taste bombs, it's some of the world's best thinking,
best ideas and most passionate execution of culinary experiences.
That's what you get in every single morsel served up with big love at Chefactory -
The one place that is all about people who innovate, ideate, dream up, experiment and then serve up absolutely genius food - to and for YOU!
YOU are the hero at Chefactory. We have a whole army of experts obsessing over what you like, thinking about what you might enjoy most,
testing out never-before flavour combinations, refining old recipes, zealously nurturing traditions, fearlessly exploring new culinary terrain,
going boldly where no chef has gone before. And it's all for YOU!
So that you not only can, but absolutely should expect the unexpected. Expect a box that looks like a pizza box, but delivers a full, sumptuous Indian meal.
Expect combos that are out of the box. Expect genius taste and genius value. Expect to be pleasantly surprised and perennially delighted.
So that you can #UnBore official lunches, #UnStereotype TV dinners, #UnYawn team get togethers, #Understand the true joy that only genius food brings!
Welcome to Chefactory.
It's Genius Food Inc.
And it's all for YOU!



Kadubeesanahalli, Outer Ring Road


Ground Floor, No 20/5, Outer Ring Road, Kadubeesanahalli, Bangalore - 560087

+91 7676677145

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